Smart Access Control by ProdataKey

Vancouver Security is a silver-certified installer of ProdataKey Smart Access Control systems. ProdataKey has the most innovative and versatile access control solution on the market, which is why we offer it to our valued customers. In choosing Vancouver Security and ProdataKey, you’re making the smartest investment for yourself and your valuables. An installation of ProdataKey Smart Access Control will include a “lifetime equipment warranty program” that guarantees both quality software and installation. These are two things that are hard to come by in the security access control industry today!

8 Benefits To Choosing Vancouver Security To Install ProdataKey At Your Facility

  • Provides Pro Wireless, Network, and Direct connections
  • Offers built-in power supply and battery backup
  • Includes a solid state storage for years of data
  • Possesses remote connectivity via any web interface
  • System will automatically back up all data to the ProdataKey secure remote data center
  • Controls hundreds of doors within a very small platform
eight door controller


Vancouver Security works hard to ensure that our clients are receiving the most state-of-the-art products available. The Smart Access Control system by ProdataKey is flexible, scalable, reliable, and more cost effective than any other enterprise solution. Each door controller from ProdataKey installed by Vancouver Security is equipped with connection of choice, allowing a clean connection back to the Access Control Panel through Pro Wireless, Network, and Direct communication. Each connection is modular and can be swapped to fit the application. We are certified to install, and we ensure that our clients are getting the best deal with the most reliability. Contact us today for a free quote with one of our specialists.

Dimensions & Features

With a substantial size difference compared to the legacy systems of today, this solution provides a more compact space. The Single Door Controller has revolutionized door access. It’s compact appearance often deceives; it contains a high or low voltage input power supply and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Locating the Door Controller closer to each door and eliminating looms of access wire throughout a building is now much easier because of this.

The Eight Door Controller is enclosed in a 12” x 12” security enclosure. The enclosure includes mounting space for a second Eight Door Controller to connect a total of sixteen doors or twenty elevator floors.

Both the Single and Eight Door Controllers accept an input of 12 to 24 VDCs. This input will power board the logic and all door hardware through the convenience of an onboard bus. Each port has a full form C relay connection to accommodate all locking hardware.

Vancouver Security does not believe in proprietary. We feel that our customers should not be constrained in their option by being obligated to comply with one platform. Vancouver Security typically uses Honeywell, a versatile software that allows users to expand or adjust their systems as their needs change. In commercial security we use the best non-proprietary security. In fire alarm systems, we also use the best non-proprietary solutions such as Silent Knight Fire Control Panels. Of course, the access door controllers installed by Vancouver Security accepts a standard wiegand input, accepting HID and other popular reader brands. We believe in versatility.

For elevator access control in Southwest Washington, there is only one choice: Vancouver Security. There’s no need to purchase a separate Elevator Control or IO board because each Door Controller we install also works as the Elevator Control. Contact us today for a reasonable quote.

The Eight Door Controller will run as a hybrid to control door and elevator access with complete transparency to the end user. Twenty elevator floors and sixteen reader inputs out of one 12×12 security can…now that’s not only smart access but it’s also affordable!

There are many benefits including: Pro Wireless, Network, and Direct connections. These options offer secure, easy-to-remove PCB connectors, status lights for connectivity, operation, and relay status, and selectable +/- to common jumpers on each port.

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Access Control Panel Installation

When installed by Vancouver Security, the ProdataKey Access Control Panel can provide unlimited cardholders, years of event storage, battery backup, and auto data backup. The panel can be programmed and serviced remotely anywhere in the world with a laptop or a compatible mobile device with an internet connection.

Vancouver Security is a leading installer of remote access systems with true remote access control and if you’re looking to step your company or facility to the next level, then choose Vancouver Security as your installer.

Want to use an existing corporate server and network infrastructure for access control? It’s possible by using our one-of-a-kind vmware solution. The Coordinator Kit takes the place of the Access Control Panel and utilizes the existing server to control each Door Controller through Pro Wireless, Network, and Direct communication. Contact us today to share your specific needs with our specialists. We guarantee satisfaction.

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